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Shimoz Sidali Nessal


Sidali Nessal

Published June 12th 2008
Kindle Edition
332 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Gemma, a novice psychologist, found that her world was turning upside down after she had met Yacob, her first ever patient. But Yacob wasnt any normal patient, in fact, Gemma found him a very mysterious character but that didnt stop her falling in love with him. He allegedly ran away from a war-torn country where horrific massacres had taken place. Gemmas strong agnostic beliefs begin to wane in the face of the mystifying events that were engulfing her life and Yacobs. And more was to come when Gemma coerced Yacob, by then husband and wife, to pay a visit back to his homeland in the hope of forever banishing the dark memories of the place where all his family were butchered to death. Once there, they were faced with the inevitable, yet surreal, reality that was haunting them since childhood, as everyone around them appeared to conspire to lead them up the Devils path, quite literally, where they would finally be reunited/acquainted with their chilling destiny.